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On the Beat and Path site
The On the Beat and Path Album
The On the Beat and Path official album is a collection of 18 tracks recorded during our 19-country trek filming the On the Beat and Path travel series.

This multi-genre compilation was recorded in five countries with contributions from 22 guest musicians, and includes both studio recorded songs and live improvisational jams.

The 5 previously unreleased tracks from the Songs From the Mekong documentary are also included.
Available at:
TITS site
Finally, a program that delivers the kind of global news that no one wants to believe is really happening. Our team of reporters - guided by an innovative set of core values based on unrestricted imagination, unwavering supposition, and steel gut intuition - will stop at anything to uncover the real issues.
Join host Drake Von Northcott and the TITS News team as they tell you everything you never wanted to know about global travel.
TITS News stories are divided into 12 sections:
TITS advice In the ADVICE section, Drake answers viewer mail with some unvaluable words of wisdom.
TITS handshake Some CULTURE stories: "Yangon Secret Club" and "American Slaves of Angkor Wat."
TITS living Some stories from THE LIVING: "Rocks Get Their Rocks Off" and "The Great Brazilian Snail."
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mountain week
september 1-5, 2010
Love 'em or hate 'em, you have to admit, mountains are pretty big.
Stunning views on Laos's Nam Song River provided the backdrop for Mountain Week and the inspiration for WTTW.
Mountains and lakes? Yeah, they're pretty much predictable. Swans? Not so much. Stay tuned.
swan week
lake week
april 11-15, 2011
Love 'em or hate 'em, you have to admit, lakes are pretty wet.
From the gentle lapping shores of Samosir, an Island in Sumatra's volcanic Lake Toba, is the stage for Lake Week. Awesome.
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